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Ayritie 16, FI-01510 VANTAA, FINLAND

Tel +358 (9) 4283 2000 - Fax +358 (9) 4283 2001

Delivery Address for BL, AWB and Waybills:
FreightGate, Ayritie 16, FI-01510 VANTAA, FINLAND

Juhani Peltonen, Project Manager
Mobile +358 400 111 300

The email adresses of our personnel is in form

Please contact us in any matter using this form. In case you are requesting an offer for our transport services, provide all the information that is available for the services you are interested in.
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If you are requesting an offer for a cargo flight, provide us with actual weight of the cargo, total volume (CBM) of the load, nature of goods, dimensions of at least the largest piece or pieces, deadlines etc.

For passenger flights tell us the amount of passengers and any special requirements or wishes you may have.



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